Subject: Re: lang/clisp patch missing error.
To: David S. <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/13/2002 22:29:30
>'tramp-rs6000-netbsd.o' is present on my 1.5.4 system, but not on
>my -current.  However, the Makefile for the package reads
>   post-patch:
>	cp files/tramp-rs6000-netbsd.o ${WRKSRC}/../ffcall/callback/trampoline_
>	cp files/tramp-rs6000-netbsd.s ${WRKSRC}/../ffcall/callback/trampoline_
>So it doesn't seem like the missing file will make any difference,
>even on the 'rs6000' architecture.  Removing the first of the copy
>lines, the package builds on i386 -current, but fails some of the
tests included in the distribution.  I don't see how that failure
>could be due to the 'tramp-rs6000-netbsd.o' file, present or not.

Quite right, compiles up and installs. Thanks, I'll try that 
if I run in to a similar problem in the future.