Subject: Re: Switching glib2 to pth
To: Rene Hexel <>
From: Scott Aaron Bamford <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/13/2002 15:37:41
On 13 Oct 2002 19:45:10 +1000
Rene Hexel <> wrote:

>   Given the stability and portability problems we have been encountering
> with PTL2, are there any objections if I switch glib2 over to pth?  (For
> those who want to debug or play around with PTL2, I will provide a
> USE_PTL2 option that can be set in /etc/mk.conf).
>   I will perform some more tests, but all programs I have tested so far
> work out of the box with pth.  Not only that, bus also programs like
> gice or gtk2-pan than used to crash on me pretty often, now seem to be
> running much more stable with pth!
>   This will hopefully also allow us to finally get working GNOME2
> packages.
>   Cheers
>       ,
>    Rene

I sent the majority of this mail on monday last week, but it was not from the address that I subscribe to the list on, and I never saw it on the list, but since it is probably relevent again, I just include the copy at the end of the mail.  If the mail did go to the list sorry for repeating myself.  If not then could someone just clear it up with me if I have to use the same address as I am subscribed with?. 

Oringnal mail:
On Mon, 7 Oct 2002 10:18:39 +0300 (EEST)
Martti Kuparinen <> wrote:

> Has anybody been working to get gnome 2.x packages for NetBSD? I read
> the Gnome installation document yesterday evening and found these

I made some working packages of GNOME 2 right after its initial release, I think most of the tarballs are versioned at 2.0.1 so they are slighlty old now, my familey use them on the familey computer all the time, so they work, but I never got around to cleaning them up, and some work would have to be done.  The complete list of things I did are:

GConf2              glade2              gtk-engines2        libgtop2
ORBit2              glib2               gtk2                libole2
at-poke             gnome-applets2      gtkglarea2          librep
at-spi              gnome-common2       gturing2            librsvg
bonobo-activation   gnome-db2           libIDL              libwnck
bug-buddy2          gnome-desktop2      libart2             libxml2
control-center2     gnome-games2        libbonobo           libxslt
crux                gnome-media2        libbonoboui         libzvt2
eel2                gnome-mime-data2    libgail-gnome       linc
eog2                gnome-panel2        libgda2             metatheme2
esound              gnome-session2      libglade2           nautilus
gail                gnome-terminal2     libgnome2           pango
gal2                gnome-user-docs2    libgnomecanvas2     rep-gtk2
gcalctool           gnome-utils2        libgnomedb2         sawfish2
gconf-editor2       gnome-vfs-extras2   libgnomeprint2      scrollkeeper
gdm2                gnome-vfs2          libgnomeprintui2    yelp
gedit2              gnome2              libgnomeui2
ggv2                gnumeric2           libgtkhtml2

though the following files make me think that some of the packages I never got round to fixing
gdm2/sab-notworking                     gnumeric2/sab-notworking

I built them on the pth-syscall packages for threads, so that would need changing, but I had an idea that would happens so created a gnome2/Makefile.common that had some settings common to all the packages such as the thread library, so it may not be too big to change.  ALso they were built using buildlinks1 not buildlink2.

Some of these packages have later versions in pkgsrc now, it would be nice to alter the other packages to use them, and shouldn't be too hard to upgrade the others to later versoins.

I also made some changes to the gnome1 packages in an attempt at co-existance but thats when I ran out of time.  The packages are still a bit messy, and the "2" can be striped out of most of them now.  But they all build and work, apart form the above.

nautilus could do with some linux specific code ripping out of it, it keeps printing "cannot stat /proc/mounts" or a similar message.

Also you have to manually mkdir ~/.gnome2 and ~/.gnome2_private before it will run, but otherwise it works quite nicely, well I've not really used it, but my familey like the way it works (this was 1.6D version of
-current that it is running on).

I think sawfish2 had to have a little botch done on it too, but if someone (or some people) have some time to sort out the things I didn't have time to do and move things over to ptl2 or whichever thread lib is being used, and bring the packages up to date with the current release then I'm more than willing to make these avalible as a starting point.

For anyone whos interested there are a total of 74 patches between all the packages.  Many quite similar.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll try and rip the working copy back out of the pkgsrc on the machine upstairs and tarball it up for someone.

 - Scott

ps. I strongly recomend that if the above packages are used, any packages that already have versions in pkgsrc are converted to use the version already in the -current pkgsrc as I expect they have been packaged better than these which I ran out of time doing and just left "working".
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