Subject: autoconf & automake update
To: None <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/03/2002 21:51:41

I just committed the last parts of the pkgsrc autoconf and automake

The autoconf package has been updated to 2.54, the automake one to
1.7; additionally, there are now two new packages, autoconf213 and
automake14, which do not conflict with the autoconf and automake
packages -- you can now have both old and new versions installed at
the same time.

The files in autoconf213 and automake14 are versioned, you can call
the old autoconf with
and similarly for the other autoconf tools; for automake14, we have
	aclocal-1.4 and automake-1.4
The automake package also contains versioned binaries, but has
	aclocal -> aclocal-1.7
	automake -> automake-1.7
The autoconf package does not have versioned filenames.

All packages in pkgsrc have been converted to use the appropriate a*
call, or there need for auto* has been removed.

For future package submissions, when patching auto* files, please
provide also patches for the resulting files, except if those get too
many; in this case, you can set the AUTOCONF_REQD and/or AUTOMAKE_REQD
variables and include "../../mk/" or "../../mk/"
respectively and then make use of ${AUTOCONF}, ${AUTOMAKE}, and some
other variables (for details, see comments in the files themselves).

Thomas Klausner -
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