Subject: Re: how to use buildlink2
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/02/2002 22:55:42
*Sigh*, although I _have_ looked at the mk/ directory before, I only saw
buildlink2/README. I somehow missed the file buildlink2/buildlink.txt :-/

Klaus Heinz wrote:

> - What purpose does it serve?

Ok, described in pkgsrc/mk/buildlink2/buildlink2.txt

> - Should buildlink2 be used in new/updated packages?

buildlink2.txt seems to say 'yes, use it'.

> - What do I have to change? Simply including instead of
> seems not to be enough, at least for Perl/X11 packages:

buildink2.txt says: set USE_BUILDLINK2=YES and include the appropriate file.

Obviously, I can no longer look at the compiler/linker invocation to see,
whether there are any references to files/directories in /usr/pkg/.
Is there a way to set a debugging flag in order to see what the
buildlink2 scripts are doing?

  [ examples of perl and x11 package building output snipped ]

buildlink2.txt mentions the deprecation of It's not
clear to me what to do in the case of X11. Which file am
I supposed to include? Why is there a