Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint
To: Reed Shadgett <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/01/2002 10:25:18
>> >Version mismatch: 'standalone-tcsh' 6.12.00 vs 6.12.00nb1
>> when they should probably do this:
>>       PKGNAME:=       standalone-${PKGNAME}
>> which, incidentally, is what the static-bash2 pkg does.  are you sure
>> that one doesn't register itself properly?
>shells/static-bash2/Makefile r1.2 changed PKGNAME to DISTNAME, as PKGNAME
>would result in errors like:
>Scanning pkgsrc Makefiles: ...............................Cannot extract standalone-UNDEFINEDnb1 version (/usr/pkgsrc/shells/standalone-tcsh/Makefile)
>3253 packages
>Unknown package: 'standalone-tcsh' version 6.12.00nb1

um...i would have to hazard a guess that it's more important that the
pkg get registered correctly as opposed to avoiding a bug in a
secondary system.  pkglint is nice, but if it has problems they should
be fixed.  pkgsrc should not get fixed to make pkglint happy.  i'll
look at it later today, if i get the time, but i can't promise

>Also, another misreport I noticed on one of my workstations today:
>Version mismatch: 'koffice3' 1.1.1 vs 1.1.1

that one i don't know about, but i don't have koffice installed.  i
also think i don't intend to.  :)

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