Subject: x11/xkbset - dependency missing ?
To: None <>
From: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/25/2002 14:15:08
I have just sent two (minorish) PR's for xkbset.

In addition to those, this package perhaps should have a dependency
on x11/p5-Tk as the GUI script that comes with it doesn't work
without that installed.

But, that script is a very minor part of the package, needing perl,
and tk, and the package that unites them, is a lot to require, when
for the vast majority of users, the command line tool (used in the
X startup script, and probably nowhere else) is adequate.

There are several things that could be done for this...

1) ignore the problem, assume that anyone who attempts to use the
gui perl/tk script will either figure out what is wrong, and install
p5-Tk by themselves, or will simply give up and forget it.

2) add the dependency, and condemn everyone to installing all that

3) simply don't install the gui script at all (it isn't that useful
for most users I suspect)

4) split the package into two, one for the command line tool (which needs=

no more than basic X) and the other for the gui (which is what needs all
that stuff).

5) Do (1), but identify the problem in a MESSAGE so at least people will
know what to do.

6) Implement the SUGGESTS stuff, and make p5-Tk one of those...

I don't much like either of the first two, (6) is probably a lot of
effort if it is just to fix this problem.   Any of the other 3 would
do me.


ps: while I'm here, another change that could be made, would be to
reduce the default "bouncekeys" timer to something reasonable.   This
is a wonderful thing to be able to turn on for Toshibe Porteg=E9 users
(4010 in the case in question), but with the delay set at 300, typing
words like "hello" becomes an exercise in patience (type "hel"
deliberate pause, type "lo" otherwise the two l's are treated as
a keybounce...)   I found "40" to be a value that works well, eliminates
the horrid keybounce from the keyboard, but still allows smooth typing
(at my considerably less than touch typist rate anyway).