Subject: NetBSD 1.6/i386 Binary Package ISO images available
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/23/2002 18:24:24

                     NetBSD 1.6/i386 Binary Packages CD-set


                                   What is it?

   The 3rd party software team of the NetBSD Project is proud to be able to
   provide a new multi-CD-set with precompiled binary packages for the i386
   port of NetBSD 1.6. The CDs are based on the NetBSD Packages Collection
   (pkgsrc) as of september 2002. At that time, pkgsrc included about 3000
   applications ranging from shell tools to mail, web server software,
   various programming languages and scientific applications. It also
   includes the KDE and GNOME desktop environments, the Mozilla web
   browser and the GNU image manipulation program, GIMP.  Many applications
   are IPv6 ready to explore the full potential of NetBSD 1.6.

   This compilation includes software for:

    * Web serving and website development, including: Apache 1.3.26 and
      2.0.39 and many modules, PHP 3.0.18 and 4.1.2, Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.4,
      and many others.

    * Network, database, file and print serving, including:
      BIND 4.9.9, 8.3.3 and 9.2.1, Samba 2.2.5, Adrian Asun's version
      2.1.3 and the UoMichigan 19990130 implementation of AppleTalk,
      INN 2.3.3, MRTG 2.9.17, MySQL 3.23.49, PostgreSQL 7.2.1, Sendmail
      8.11.6, SquirrelMail 1.2.7, and many others.

    * Text processing and office productivity tools, including:
      KOffice 1.1.1, OpenOffice 641, Ghostscript 6.01, teTeX 1.0.7,
      Xemacs 21.5.5, GNU Emacs 21.2, VIM 6.1.0, CUPS 1.1.14, DocBook 4.1
      and DocBook XML 4.1.2, GIMP 1.2.3, SANE 1.0.7, etc.

    * Multiple desktop environments and GUI tools, including:
      GNOME, KDE 1.1.2, 2.2.2 and 3.0.2, Mozilla 1.0, Netscape
      Navigator 3.04 and 4.79, Opera 5.0.1 and 6.02, xmms 1.2.7 and
      gqmpeg 0.16.0 mp3 players, Afterstep 1.8.11, Windowmaker 0.80.0,
      fvwm 2.4.8, mplayer 0.90rc6 for MPEG and DivX processing.

    * Games, e.g.  Civilisation Call To Power (demo version), Quake 1,
      Quake3-Arena (demo version), Heretic 2 (demo version), FreeCiv
      1.12.0, NetHack 3.4.0, xdoom 1.10 and many others.

    * Software development tools for various languages, including:
      Sun's JDK & JRE 1.4.0, Perl 5.8.0 with more than 230 modules,
      Python 2.2.1, Ruby 1.6.7, Zope 2.2.2, cscope 15.3, gcc 2.95.3,
      DDD 3.3, QT 1, 2 and 3, GTK+ 1.2.10, GNU Smalltalk 1.95.10, etc.

      There are also cross-platform development tools included for
      targetting ARM, Linux/i386, MS-DOS, m68k, MIPS, PowerPC, SH
      and SPARC CPUs.


   The CD images are available for download from the main NetBSD FTP site,, or it's mirrors. The URLs of the images are: (635MB) (615MB) (575MB) (560MB) (563MB) (159MB)

   MD5 checksums are:

     MD5 (i386pkg1.iso) = 4172cb83617037b1411e5111497246f8
     MD5 (i386pkg2.iso) = d821ed6d869b2689c91c68545f42b70f
     MD5 (i386pkg3.iso) = 01da0c2beea40d8dc036566a9e05af8c
     MD5 (i386pkg4.iso) = b93e02c9b95b5eb80d9a0f04807601c1
     MD5 (i386pkg5.iso) = fe050d97ab8bbae34a756efd64383dd5
     MD5 (i386pkg6.iso) = 0be94b3368083220e0199dddf3eb18b5

   All binary packages available on these CDs are also available for
   individual download and/or direct installation via pkg_add(1) from the
   NetBSD binary packages repository at the following URL:

                            Documentation & Support

   The binary packages included in this CD-set can be installed with the
   pkg_add(1) command.

   Further information on how to install the binary packages, the NetBSD
   Packages System and the NetBSD Packages Collection can be found in the
   Docs/Packages.txt file. If you need further help, try these resources on
   the Internet:

     * Mailing lists are NetBSD's primary support forum. For information,
       send mail with "help" in body to, an archive of
       all available mailing lists is available at

       Mailing lists are NetBSD's primary support forum, recommended lists

          * for general questions
          * for package related questions

     * NetNews: comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc, de.comp.os.bsd

     * FTP download: The main repository for NetBSD packages is at

     * WWW: Visit us at!

                                  Legal Notice

   The binary packages on this CDs are distributed in compliance with their
   individual licenses. The compilation as a whole is Copyright (c) 2002 by
   the NetBSD Project. The CD images are provided for non-profit use. If you
   make any money from this or even just feel like it, you're welcome to make
   donations to the NetBSD Project. Contact

 - Hubert Feyrer,
   The NetBSD Project

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