Subject: emulators/bochs trouble with networking
To: None <>
From: Tld <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/09/2002 18:56:02
Since I know of no better place to ask I'm doing it here.

I am not able to use networking facilities (ne2000 emulation) within bochs 
using NetBSD-i386-1.6RC3 as a host (rewritten it's something like: I have 
NetBSD/i386 installed, bochs package installed within NetBSD, cannot access 
network card from bochs)

The fact is I don't know how to configure the network line in configuration 
There are 5 operationg modes: fbsd (officially supported by FreeBSD and 
OpenBSD), linux, win32, tap, tuntap

I am neither able to compile the fbsd module in (something to do with 
system headers) nor to use the tuntap (which I believe is the tun? under 
NetBSD, but of course I had no urserful information from anywhere).

Anyone got bochs' networking up and working? If so, how?
Else, does anybody have an idea where I should look at?
Any other help? Clues?

Thank you for your attention :)