Subject: branching of pkgsrc, and ghostscript
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/06/2002 11:24:25
  I was very pleased that we branched pkgsrc, because I figured it meant
that we could have minor bug patches without having to have all sorts
of churn on systems that I don't want to churn. (buildlink2 comes to mind...)

  So, I was trying to update magicfilter on a NetBSD box that hasn't
been a print server for some years. (the old binary was a.out...) 
  After updateing a dozen things I realized that ghostscript depended
upon a particular rev of libpng. Okay, rebuild ghostscript.

  The one in the 1.6 tree is gs7.00. Which, they seem to expire off
of sites way too quickly. Specifically, I can't find the file:

  So, this is the downside of branching pkgsrc - we can wind up wanting
patches that and files that don't exist anymore. 
  I think that I can just live without VFlib.
  Also, we have the stupid sourceforge stuff... you ask for the file and
you get a web page to ask for the mirror...

  Please CC me on any reply.

  Thank you for the work, just wanted to offer some feedback, as useless
as it is, since I don't offer a solution :-)

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