Subject: Re: gcc update?
To: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
From: Rob Hoopman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/04/2002 10:41:09
Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:

>Rob Hoopman said:
>>I've been tinkering with povray lately and have compiled povray 3.5
>>recently from source assuming it would give me a marginal speed increase
>> over the linux binary under emulation.
>>The native compiled version turned out to be significantly ( somtimes a
>>couple hundred percent ) slower than the linux binary. As there is unly
>>so much optimisation you can do besides -O3 to gcc I compiled gcc 3.2
>>and used that to recompile povray, this results in a binary that is a
>>couple percent fatser than the official pov linux binary under
>>emulation. I can send some benchmark data if anyone is interested, the
>>gist of it  is that the gcc3 binary is 25-75% faster on some standard
>>pov renders  I  timed (Usual disclaimers ofcourse apply ).
>>So the questions:
>>Is anyone working on an updated gcc ( or gcc-devel ) package?
>>Is anyone interested in what I have on my machine to finish a package as
>> I don't consider myself capable of delivering a decent package for a
>>major package like gcc. ( Especially since it does not install cleanly
>>yet on my machine and I don't understand any of  the SunOS voodoo that
>>is currently in lang\gcc )
>Hi Rob,
>what are the problems when installing gcc-3.x on your system? Can you be a
>little more explicit?
>cheerio Berndt
Sorry about the delayed response, I've been living in a windows 
partition for the past couple of days. (Work related stuff, don't ask) 
Your message escaped my attention.

Anyway, I do have gcc-3.3 installed on my (i386) system right now, my 
orignal message could have been a bit clearer on that. What the exact 
problems where to get it installed on my system I can't remember, but if 
I can get it to work then it is nothing beyond the normal things it 
takes to get stuff compiling on NetBSD ( include /usr/pkg related stuff 
) and maybe the odd simple patch. I still have an unfinished package if 
you/anyone is interested I can send-pr it or put it up for download 
Or I can recompile and see what steps I did by by hand to get it to 
compile and report back.
I didn't finish the package because I don't know anything about getting 
it to compile on different platforms and I don't have access to anything 
but i386 and sparc, so it is of no use to anyone as is.

So I've got no immediate need for a package myself as I have it 
installed just fine. But I thought certain packages could probably 
benefit from a package. (See povray pseudo-benchmark scores).

Anyway if anyone is interested in anything I could provide what I have, 
allthough most of it is fairly trivial.

Hmm,.. That was probably not very helpful.