Subject: Re: Remove KDE1?
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/31/2002 15:25:40
On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, Thomas Klausner wrote:

> I just noted that the main KDE sites do not offer the KDE1 files any
> longer.
> Is there any reason we want to keep KDE1 in pkgsrc?
> Of course the files are still there on the netbsd mirrors, but if
> nobody's using it, there's no point in having it in pkgsrc.

I'd like to point out, that even if they're removed now, there should
still be KDE1-NetBSD-1.6 packages, by virtue of the fact that
netbsd-1-6 has already been branched for pkgsrc. So the question is
not, "Are people using it now?", but rather, "Will folks ever want to
rebuild it against NetBSD 1.6.1, or won't they just upgrade to KDE2 by