Subject: Re: pkgsrc sickness
To: Julio Merino <>
From: Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/21/2002 22:16:17
On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 20:09, Julio Merino wrote:

> make update is silly...
> What I do is use 'make replace'. Take your situation. You are installing
> sane-frontends and in fails while updating pth. You go to the pth directory
> and issue make replace. Then, go back to sane-frontends and try again.

  Try setting


  in your /etc/mk.conf -- this way 'make update' will no longer be
recursive and should do exactly what you are describing here (except
that it's automatic).

> make replace will work most of the times when the version changes are minor.
> Although, if there is a big version change (major version), I guess applications
> will stop working properly...

  This, of course, also applies to setting DEPENDS_TARGET=replace.  If
the ABI of a prerequisite library changes, dependent packages will lose
horribly with 'make replace' or 'pkg_add -u'.