Subject: compat15 and netbsd32_compat1[56] packages
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/18/2002 18:24:14
I'm currently working on more compat packages (after updating the
compat14 group for SA2002-006 and 011).  I've only got i386 and
sparc machines currently running NetBSD, so those (and the sparc64
netbsd32_compat1*) arches are the only ones I can manage to do
for the moment.  (I may be able to get hold of a pmax, a vax, and
an m68k, but getting them set up might take a while...)  The
compat15 packages will be the latest 1.5.4_ALPHA, thus package-wise
they'll be versioned as (as the latest 1.4.3A were versioned

Regarding distfile issues:
Currently, the netbsd32_compat14 package can use the same distfile
as compat14 for sparc.  For compat15, the sparc only needs the
libraries that have changed between 1.5.x and 1.6 (i386 is the same
way.)  Sparc64 is a little more difficult:

If installed on a 1.5.x sparc64, netbsd32_compat15 requires the
entire set of sparc libraries.

If installed on a 1.6 sparc64, installing the entire set of
libraries would result in conflicts with a netbsd32_compat16 package
for any libraries which haven't changed major version numbers.

What I propose to do is the following:
	Only the libraries that changed between 1.5.x and 1.6
	The additional libraries that didn't change
	32-bit sparc libraries from 1.6 - eventually, once library
	changes start coming into -current (thus necessitating a
	compat16 package for sparc -current machines), this should be
	split similarly to the above compat15 distfiles.

The netbsd32_compat15 package would be set up such that, if OS_VERSION
is 1.5, both compat15 distfiles are downloaded; otherwise, a
dependency for netbsd32_compat16 would be added.

Questions?  Comments?

It would be very nice if the pkgsrc that shipped with compat15
packages (and a netbsd32_compat16 package) at least for some arches
(which could have other arches added to them as available).  I've got
the libraries already built for i386 and sparc, just need to tar them


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