Subject: Re: make update breaks everything
To: NetBSD-techpkg <>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/04/2002 12:53:32 (Tracy Di Marco White) wrote :

> make update will delete all dependencies on the package you are updating.
> It should then rebuild the dependencies (against the newly compiled package)
> and reinstall them.  I expect this behavior, and don't do 'make update'
> where the dependencies are production services that can't be down.  In
> that case, I build binary packages on another machine, and install them.
> I don't consider this broken, because that is what make update is supposed
> to do.

Well, I just reconsidered it, and the solution is really obvious :
since the target `update` calls :
>                 ${MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} deinstall DEINSTALLDEPENDS=ALL
one have just to call `pkg_delete whatever`, without further arguments,
then make reinstall.