Subject: Re: A policy for /var
To: Rene Hexel <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/28/2002 00:40:39
On 28 Jul 2002, Rene Hexel wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-07-28 at 10:42, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> > Right, but conceptually, it would be a post-package target.
>   Why is that?  Is there any requirement for wwwoffle to have a binary
> package?

Well, yes, that's one of the things a package system is supposed to
do - build packages. It would be silly to insist on only building
wwwoffle packages during a bulk build, since wwwoffle doesn't even
have any dependendencies.

> > That's not the only use for it (the target). What I use the "finish"
> > target in www/wwwoffle for, is to first make the portable package,
> > then to fix-up the installed files. It could be ".ORDER"'d after
> > "package", but not depend on "package", so "make install post-package"
> > would do the right thing.
>   Okay, so this means that the INSTALL script here actually changes the
> installed files so they are no longer suitable to be placed in a binary
> package?  Ouch.

It's not a problem, really. The INSTALL script is the last thing done
by pkg_add, and if pkgsrc runs INSTALL, it should be run last, too,
after "package". If you insist on doing it out of order, your always
going to have odd corners to deal with.

>   Hmm, looking at this some more, I can't really find anything like that
> in the wwwoffle INSTALL script.  Nothing that gets modified by the
> INSTALL script is PLISTed.  In fact, it shouldn't really matter whether
> a package gets built before or after the INSTALL script gets executed.

@exec ${GTAR} xzCf / %D/libdata/wwwoffle-spool.tar.gz