Subject: Re: A policy for /var
To: Rene Hexel <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/27/2002 11:13:20
On 27 Jul 2002 17:30:09 +1000
Rene Hexel <> wrote:

>   This one, in fact, may stand for a number of other PRs/packages, not
> just rpm.  IMHO, software that creates/updates/uses changing databases
> and other transient files below /var is fine (after all, that's what it
> is for according to hier(7)).  In the case of rpm I'd prefer something
> like "/var/db/rpm" over the current "/var/pkg/lib/rpm" directory (but
> that's a different issue).

I think that rpm does it ok, using /var/pkg. Why? Because it separes package
var files from system var files... Though, it may use /var/pkg/db/rpm.

>   The solution is to establish some sort of policy here.  We can either
> decide that the use of /var is fine, or we could decide that something
> like ${PREFIX}/var should be used instead.  If we can't agree on a

Using ${PREFIX}/var is not a good idea, imho, because /usr/pkg should be able
to be mounted read-only. Well... I could also do: ln -s /var/pkg /usr/pkg/var
(as I do with conf files) but I do not like the idea...

> unified solution, what about a PKG_VARDIR similar to PKG_SYSCONFDIR?

This seems nice :)


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Julio Merino <>