Subject: Re: pkgsrc and Darwin Built-ins
To: Amitai Schlair <>
From: Jeffrey Putsch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/2002 23:32:28
On Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 11:44  PM, Amitai Schlair wrote:

>> I've got a small patch to apply to /usr/pkgsrc/perl5 that makes this
>> work if you like.
> I'd like to see this, as well as any other local Darwin-related patches 
> you
> may have, to get them included in pkgsrc if possible. Would you mind 
> sending
> them to me?

Would prefer that I send them directly to you, or split them up 
package-by-package and
pr them? Obviously sending one bundle to you would be the most expedient 
on  my part.

I can easily send them against a copy of pkgsrc as of June 1, or provide 
a set against a version of pkgsrc as of tomorrow (or a few days from 
now). I would need to updated my local pkgsrc CVS snapshot and the 
prepare the diffs against that.

As an aside, I've modified the /usr/pkgsrc/mk/ file locally to 
handle Mac OS X/Darwin bundles as well as dylibs. In the process I've 
improved (I think) the handling of the dylibs that I had provided via a 
pr earlier (as of June 1 my original dylib changes seemed to have been 
included in pkgsrc -- yeah!). These updates/changes would obviously be 
included in any diffs I send (via pr or to you).

> BTW, a package of Perl 5.8.0 (which is billed as supporting Darwin out 
> of
> the box) is being worked on.

Most of what my perl5 patch does is make sure the pkgsrc perl build does 
not put files in native Apple perl locations. I personally don't want 
Apple's space getting "polluted" by the pkgsrc stuff and vice-versa. I 
think the right thing to do with any Apple provided scripting language 
(e.g. perl, tcl, python, ruby) and pkgsrc is to install the pkgsrc 
version under /usr/pkg (LOCALBASE), making sure that the Apple provided 
binary does not influence the installation.