Subject: Re: gtexinfo
To: None <>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/17/2002 23:56:01
"Randy Beaudreault" <> wrote:

> In attempting to install Nessus on my Mac OS X machine I run into this:
> Installed package gtexinfo>=3.12 is an ELF package.
> You are building an Mach-O package, which will not inter-operate.
> Please update the gtexinfo>=3.12 package to Mach-O

Contrary to the messages, your gtexinfo is probably not ELF. (Run "file
`which makeinfo`" to be sure.) I'm guessing you built gtexinfo sometime
before this change:

If so, the gtexinfo package thinks it's ELF because at the time you built
it, pkgsrc thought Darwin was an ELF platform. Now pkgsrc knows better, but
that doesn't help your already installed package.

You might be able to get around this by twiddling some bits in the installed
gtexinfo package, but it's probably best to just reinstall gtexinfo.
Wouldn't hurt to do the same for all your packages, actually.

I apologize for the unheralded flag day. When the day comes that pkgsrc on
Darwin can be reasonably expected to work as smoothly as pkgsrc on NetBSD,
you can be sure we'll handle fixes like this with more care. In the
meantime, at least for the near future, I think it's more important to be
able to fix problems in our Darwin support without worrying too much about

> In trying to update gtexinfo to a Mach-O binary I find that the
> package revision is 4.0 but the gnu revision is at 4.2 and it seems
> that the 4.0 sources are gone from the sites contacted during the
> build process.

If you let the fetch keep trying, it should eventually find
texinfo-4.0.tar.gz at, or your preferred mirror.

- Amitai