Subject: Re: keeping pkgsrc up-to-date
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/02/2002 15:19:38
[ On Tuesday, July 2, 2002 at 20:15:08 (+0200), Thomas Klausner wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: keeping pkgsrc up-to-date
> I have to defend my little script here: It's perhaps not as good as
> CTM (I don't know that), but it's better than a complete cvs update,
> and I think that's what it would replace in most cases.

CTM only sends one or a few deltas per module & branch per day, so
theoretically someone updating just pkgsrc-current only has to apply one
patch per day, and of course the sending side only ever has to generate
one patch per day per module per branch regardless of how many people
subscribe to the service.

In theory anyone with a mirror of the CVS repository could provide CTM
services....  (sources for the software are in FreeBSD since 2.0)

> Try it. No comparison.

It may all depend on the speed of the CVS server!  ;-)

FYI I'm doing "cvs update" of pkgsrc in about 25 minutes on my server
when there's no other major I/O subsystem load on it, and no files to
update.  That's with the rsync'ed repo on one external RAID system
acting as a single logical disk and the working driectory on another,
both on the main SCSI bus.  In comparison /usr/src, again with no files
to update, takes just under 20 minutes, and the 1.6 release branch takes
almost 25 min.  (branches are slower of course because of the need to
look at all the files in the "Attic").

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