Subject: keeping pkgsrc up-to-date
To: None <>
From: Marton Fabo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/02/2002 00:26:59

The difficulty of keeping pkgsrc up-to-date doesn't leave me settle. 
Grabbing the tarball each time suxx, and only gives weekly updates. CVS 
suxx, is slow and redundant. Sup simply suxx.

As I see, daily pkgsrc changes are generated for the pkgsrc-changes list, 
and sent to all the subscribers. Couldn't this or some similar thing be 
used to keep in sync with less disk and network traffic? For example, some 
script could be written to extract the files changed since the last day, 
and update only those files. I'm sure this would be much lighter/faster 
than a full CVS update for example.

A separate, special list could be made perhaps just for this, which would 
post (possibly PGP-signed) emails containing the changes, and upon 
receiving such a message (and after checking its authority), the system 
could automatically update the altered files. Or the mail could even 
contain the diffs themselves, if that wouldn't cause them to be too large. 
The possibilities are endless.

Any thoughts?