Subject: packagized base-system (was: Re: OpenSSH installation from package source)
To: None <>
From: Marton Fabo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/01/2002 18:14:35
> > Hasn't a packagized base-system been promised?  I don't see it in 1.6
> > yet so would it probably be in -current/1.7 then?  IMHO having major
> > parts of the base system under pkg control (things like various MTAs,
> > OpenSSH etc.) would make some things a lot easier.
> I've heard discussion for such a system, but I wouldn't say it's been
> "promised".  I agree it would be nice, but its non-trivial.  Managing t=
> dependancies, especially for people tracking -current or -release, coul=
> rasie a whole bunch of problems.  I hope it can be made to work though,
> but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Could someone explain why it would emerge such a big problem? Having the=20
default stuff (sendmail, postfix, openssh etc) installed in their current=
place, but as packages, or maybe having them in a specific default-packag=
location, with LOCALBASE set to that, and having them initially recorded =
the package database shouldn't be that hard.=20

And, as obvious, this would make for example upgrading such packages from=
pkgsrc much easier...