Subject: i18n trouble in GNOME apps. 1.6, glib or libintl?
To: '' <>
From: Huusko Arto <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/28/2002 10:08:33

I wrote here earlier about my problems with GNOME applications,
when using the Finnish locale, but received no replies.

Basically, GNOME applications fail to display any strings, which
contain (for example) characters =E4=F6=E5. Strings containing stock
7 bit ASCII chars seem to work without problems.

I am not entirely sure as to why this happened. In May, my
installation was working fine, but shortly afterwards not anymore.
In between this I did two things:

 upgrade to NetBSD 1.6_BETA, and
 pkg_delete -f glib; cd /usr/pkgsrc/devel/glib ; make install

I deleted glib 1.2.10, and installed glib 1.2.10nb1.

The problem may well be glib related, because, running proggies
from xterm, I see lots of debugging output from glib, concerning
strings and NULL pointers (IIRC). This only happens with apps
that try to display international characters.

However, OTOH, many glib/gtk applications work flawlessly even
with international characters. For example, Mozilla works fine,
my own GTK apps work fine (even the ones I did not recompile)...

Is the cause of all this binary incompatibility between the
older and newer glib? I did not reinstall any glib dependencies
at first (because, well, as you all know this would have meant
recompiling N applications, for values of N that are large).
Afterwards, I did reinstall gnome-core, gnome-libs and gtk
but this did nothing to improve my situation.

Another possible cause of this could be the libraries that
get linked in, or could it? Looking at ldd output for ggv, for
example, I see two versions of libintl (one from usr/lib, one
from usr/pkg/lib).

Anyway, I would really appreciate some help, and I hope this
help is not: "rebuild yer pkgs, dude". I've done that way
too often already.