Subject: Re: make package
To: Marton Fabo <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/27/2002 06:58:50
On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Marton Fabo wrote:

> I had OpenSSH 3.3.x whatever version was in pkgsrc when the vulnerability
> announcement came out. Now I saw that the current version was, so I
> thought to install it, and make a binary pkg out of it so that installing on
> other old machines would be easier.
> Well, make package just downloaded the source tarball, and did nothing else.

You must be keeping the old work directories lying around. If so, you
need to do "make clean && make package", or perhaps "make clean &&
make deinstall && make package".

> I
> then issued a make update, which compiled and installed the newer version.
> make package started compiling it again (???) and then complained about it
> already being installed on the system, and bailed out.

"make update" cleans up after itself, so there was no ${WRKDIR}, and
so no work.${MACHINE}/.PLIST to generate the package from.

> After this, I pkg_deleted openssh, and done a make package, which finally did
> the trick.

Because now you're starting with a clean tree.

> Is this really the only way of upgrading and binary-archiving also?

No. :-)

"make package" works anywhere "make install" works (or after "make
install"). "make update" is a horrible hack, and should be purged from
the tree, in my opinion.