Subject: Re: www/apache*
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/19/2002 09:40:46
>>>>Now, apache 1.3.26 and 2.0.39 are released.
>>>>At least, we can update apache2 package soon though apache package
>>>>have to wait corresponding to ap-ssl release.
>>>	www/apache2 is already done.
>>is it a silly idea to consider backporting the appropriate change to
>>1.3.24 as a patch for pkgsrc until a new ap-ssl pkg can be arranged?
>	it seems to me that there are way too many differences between
>	2.x and 1.x, so we should just update to 1.3.26 (correct?).

correct, of course.  it was late and i forgot that 2.0.x is nothing
like 1.3.x.

>	also, i think it reasonable to deprecate apache6-1.3.x.

seeing as how apache2 does all apache6 does, that seems fine to me.

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