Subject: ELF Lord / Documentation searched for fixing STk and other lisp interpreters :)
To: None <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/07/2002 00:06:00
Okay, the problem I'm experiencing, is that STk (*) [and I think
common lisp, too] cannot resolve symbols libraries rely on which
it attempts to load via its foreign-function-interface. It can
resolve everything I hard-compile with rpath set to the various
directories. But for example when I have in /usr/pkg/lib,
don't have /usr/pkg/lib in the rpath section of STk, then I can
load it directly by using the full path. But if xyz also needs stuff
from which is in /usr/pkg/lib, it won't work, because
that path isn't in the search section of the interpreter.

Now my question to you guys, Could you please drop me a pointer to
the right documentation on how to extend the search path section
of the current process, or help me to solve the task by other
means ?

As I wrote above, not only our STk is broken, but also our CLISP port.
I haven't tested cmu-cl yet.

Tia, -Martin

(*) Ours is 3.99.something-maybe-2 ?, latest is 4.0.something-maybe-1 ?
I wanted to resolve this issue and package an update, during which I stumbled
over this problem. The STk manual, ages old, lists us (NetBSD) as one of
the (few) OS on which ffi calls into foreign language libs (like's)
works, okay, it's ages old, but I'd like to have that be true again :)