Subject: Shall we create PKG_LANG variable ?
To: None <>
From: Dawid Szymanski <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/05/2002 11:36:52

I was just wondering about PKGSRC_LANG variable..
What do we need it for?
Number of one languaged packages is growing
polsms, ekg, (some japanese)
and others?

so my idea is to create PKGSRC_LANG with default set to "en"
and allow ppl to set it in /etc/mk.conf for ie "pl"

And also set it in pkgsrc/foo/bar/Makefile ie:

What it should give to us?

Well if some english speaking would like to install for example polsms
he would get information that this package is Polish specific and do not
have any English messages.
What else?, we do not need any category like obsolete japanese or others
that could be created in future.

We should be also able to search language specific packages via web or
make search.

This are no all benifits we can get by creating such variable.

Dont have more power to think atm.

Just few things about my idea, becouse my memory isn well ...

Dawid Szymanski

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