Subject: HEADS UP: pkgsrc/japanese retirement
To: None <>
From: Stoned Elipot <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2002 18:14:35

The pkgsrc/japanese directory is gone. The packages it contained were relocated
in other category directories and a newly created one 'inputmethod'.

Below is the a map of what was moved where.

You will noticed that some package directory names were changed: a `ja-'
prefix was added when it was felt that the "japanese tainting" of the package
was not obvious without it.

Neither the PKGBASE nor the PKGVERSION of these packages were changed during
this move.
The `japenese' word was retained in the value of the CATEGORIES variable in the
packages' Makefile, when needed the new category directory name was added to it.

# previous package location	# new package location
japanese/a2ps			print/ja-a2ps
japanese/ack			converters/ack
japanese/canna-lib		inputmethod/canna-lib
japanese/canna-server		inputmethod/canna-server
japanese/canuum			inputmethod/canuum
japanese/chasen			textproc/chasen
japanese/chasen-base		textproc/chasen-base
japanese/freewnn-lib		inputmethod/ja-freewnn-lib
japanese/freewnn-server		inputmethod/ja-freewnn-server
japanese/gawk			lang/ja-gawk
japanese/grep			textproc/ja-grep
japanese/groff			textproc/ja-groff
japanese/ipadic			textproc/ipadic	ipadic
japanese/jhd			misc/jhd
japanese/kakasi			textproc/kakasi	kakasi
japanese/kbanner		textproc/kbanner
japanese/kinput2		inputmethod/kinput2
japanese/less			misc/ja-less
japanese/man			misc/ja-man
japanese/mh			mail/ja-mh
japanese/mknmz-wwwoffle		www/mknmz-wwwoffle
japanese/namazu1		textproc/namazu1
japanese/namazu2		textproc/namazu2
japanese/nkf			converters/nkf
japanese/p5-Jcode		converters/p5-Jcode
japanese/p5-Text-ChaSen		textproc/p5-Text-ChaSen
japanese/p5-Text-Kakasi		textproc/p5-Text-Kakasi
japanese/p5-jcode		converters/p5-jcode
japanese/p5-nkf			converters/p5-nkf
japanese/qkc			converters/qkc
japanese/ruby-romkan		converters/ruby-romkan
japanese/ruby-uconv		converters/ruby-uconv
japanese/sed			textproc/ja-sed
japanese/sj3-lib		inputmethod/sj3-lib
japanese/sj3-server		inputmethod/sj3-server
japanese/skkfep			inputmethod/skkfep
japanese/skkinput		inputmethod/skkinput	
japanese/skkserv		inputmethod/skkserv
japanese/texfamily		print/texfamily
japanese/texfamily-share	print/texfamily-share
japanese/vflib			print/ja-vflib
japanese/vflib-lib		print/ja-vflib-lib
japanese/vflib-utils		print/ja-vflib-utils
japanese/vfxdvik		print/ja-vfxdvik
japanese/xjdic			misc/xjdic
japanese/xjman			x11/xjman

Please note that a couple of packages had reference to the japanese
hierarchy (for dependencies), those references were fixed.
These packages are:
editors/mule, editors/ng, editors/nvi-m17n, editors/xemacs-current,
editors/xemacs, emulators/xm7, games/sl, graphics/magicpoint, mail/cue,
print/ghostscript-nox11, www/htmllint.

Some instructions on how to create "localized" packages should be added soon
in pkgsrc/Packages.txt.

If something went wrong, was forgotten,... blame me.

Best regards, Stoned.