Subject: RE: Module trackers and some packages for NetBSD
To: 'Dave Burgess' <>
From: Ciarcinski, Adam \(ISS Brussels\) <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2002 09:17:00
> I'm not having problems tracking the modules - but I am also 
> having trouble 
> with pthreads.  I've built Sendmail 8.12.3 with milter 
> support, which requires 
> pthreads.  The milter itself compiles and runs fine, but all 
> of the programs 
> that use the milter library later on have trouble accessing 
> the pthread_mutex.  
> I'm certain it's some simple linker flag that I'm messing up, 
> but I can't 
> figure it out.
> Any help on THAT would probably be greatlier appreciated :-)


I've solved my problem using 'pth-syscall' instead of 'pth'.
But, the CheeseTracker still doesn't work.
Try if that helps.

	kind regards

		- Adam