Subject: both pth and pth-syscall?
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2002 23:50:42
I have pth-1.4.1 installed and it is needed by over twenty other packages
that I use.

I tried to install qt3 (so I can build scribus package), but received:

===> pth-syscall-1.4.1 conflicts with installed package(s): pth-1.4.1
*** They install the same files into the same place.

I see that qt3-libs says:
USE_PTHREAD=  native pth-syscall

Any suggestions on how to get qt3 to install while still having pth?

Or can I use pth-syscall instead of pth?

(And if so, do I have to rebuild all the packages that depend on pth?)

Or maybe ... can someone explain how to use mk/ so I
can continue to use the other needed packages?


   Jeremy C. Reed