Subject: Translated strings vanished from GNOME (et co.)
To: None <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/30/2002 22:40:35

I just today installed latest 1.6_BETA1 build on my desktop, and
- apparently - as a side result of this, something went wahooney
shaped with GNOME and translated strings: several menu items,
widgets, etc. appear now without any label in GNOME apps.

Non-GNOME apps seem to function without any problems, and also
if I "unsetenv LANG", all apps work as earlier (but in
English, naturally).

If trying to run with "LANG=fi" setting, I get this error report
in stderr:

GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstring.c: line 329 (g_string_prepend): assertion 
`val != NULL' failed.

This error report is identical for any program, and appears
several times. Clearly, this appears because the translated strings
are not acquired properly. And, as I said above, unsetting LANG
envar makes everything work, and the above error message does not

I reinstalled gnome-core and gnome-libs, but this was of no help.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong, and how could I fix it.
It is not a problem to run the desktop in English, but I would
prefer using my own language, because the system does have such
support. However, reinstalling everything is not an option.

PS, please CC me, I'm not on this list.

  -- arto