Subject: Re: latest imap-uw
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Jared D. McNeill <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/25/2002 00:08:12
Dave Burgess wrote:

> Either way, it looks more like it might be an IMP error rather than an IMAP
> error.  So, to answer the original mail "IMAP-UW seems to be working great from
> here!" :-)

Sorry, I guess I wasn't paying too much attention to this thread

I had this same problem. It has to do with self-signed certificates and
with IMP. There are flags that you can add on to the server name to
SSL as well as certificate verification (ISTR even if I disable ssl, I
needed to use novalidate-cert).

It's documented in horde/imp/config/servers.php:

 * NOTE: If you are using a self-signed server certificate with with
 * imap/ssl or pop3/ssl, you MUST add /novalidate-cert at the end of the
 * protocol string. So for imap, this would be
 * and for pop3 it would be "pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert". This is
necessary to
 * tell c-client not to complain about the lack of a valid CA on the
 * certificate.

Of course, since I haven't been paying attention to this thread, I may
be _way_
off track. If so, ignore me :^)

Hope this helps,

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