Subject: Sendmail with milters
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/23/2002 14:39:30
I've been monkeying around with the new sendmail version (8.12.3) on NetBSD 
1.5.3RC2 on Intel.  I'd like to collaborate with someone that has successfully 
created this because I have a few questions:

1)  Is there any prohibition on putting this up as a new package or updating 
one of the old packages?  I understand that there were some issues with new 
sendmail versions, but when I talked to the folks from Sendmail, they thought 
they had allowed a loophole for us to drive through.

2)  I've found that I can get milter and openldap support built into the system 
by adding -R and -L references to the files/*{milter,ldap} files.  It was so 
obvious, I'm almost afraid to let anyone know how I did this, for fear that 
there was some reason why these files entries were broken.

There are some issues that I'd like to talk about, though.

1)  OpenLDAP support works flawlessly with the proper library paths linked in.  
My default mk.conf include "USE_LDAP" now for all of my systems, and has for 
several months.  I've got USE_MILTER and USE_STARTTLS in there too, but they 
are set to NO by default.

2)  When I build in milter support, I have to do a 'make install' in the 
libmilter directory before I start so that the header and library files get 
built and installed correctly.  I'm not sure I am 'package savvy' enough to 
figure out how to do this prereq build within the current package.

The method I'm using right now involves "make patch" followed by a quick cd up 
to the libmilter directory, a "make install", followed by a trip back to the 
pkgsrc directory and finish up with the 'make install'. 

3)  I've tried two different pthreads packages, and the 'untested' one is the 
only one that creates a semi-functional sendmail program.  The problem is that 
I seem to end up with a program that is failing to 'flock' the /etc/mail 
management files.  This strikes me as odd, since none of the files are being 
opened for more the 'read' access.

4)  When I install a new sendmail package, I'd like to figure out a way to get 
rid of the 'standard installed' old sendmail programs.  For most things, it 
isn't a big deal, but for things like command-line makemap or newaliases, the 
old one gets grabbed instead of the new one.  It's the same problem I have with 
installing new versions of named by the way.  I'd really like it to be 
something I could install in /etc/mk.conf, but I don't want all of the packages 
to do this - basically just the ones that we have upgrades available that 
aren't appropriate for installation in the base system.

5)  STARTTLS support seems to work fine with the same basic structure.  I 
haven't really done anything with it, and I'll test it some more once I get 
back to that compile test suite.  

6)  Has anyone ever noticed that the /usr/local/share/sendmail files seem to 
get installed in .../cf/ ?  It's possible that this is a relic of a mistake I 
made once a long time ago (I've been working with Sendmail for a LONG time).

Either way, I've got the sendmail-new tarfile on for your perusal.  Since just 
about every file changed (including the patches), it seemed to make more sense 
to me to just pop in a new one rather than try to produce a huge batch of 

Dave Burgess
Chief Technology Officer
Nebraska On-Ramp, Inc
Bellevue, NE

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