Subject: Re: NetBSD ftp service down
To: Randy Beaudreault <>
From: Chris Pinnock <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/21/2002 23:35:18
On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 03:28:54PM -0700, Randy Beaudreault wrote:
> I just went to build apcupsd on OS X and ran into a little issue with 
> the NetBSD FTP server.  I couldn't get in to download the source from 
> there.  I can get to mirror sites so I can work around that.  I just 
> curious as to why the FTP server is not responding to logins and when 
> will this be corrected? 

The main FTP server seems to be working fine from here.

> One other thing, how can I add an alternate 
> site for the NetBSD FTP server, i. e., have make also look for a 
> mirror site?

There are some suggested override variable lines for faster downloads in 
mk/ in pkgsrc which you can put in your /etc/mk.conf
file. The variable you might be looking for is MASTER_SITE_BACKUP.

best wishes,