Subject: [Xlock-announce] xlockmore-5.04 released (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/15/2002 23:55:38
does anyone want to care for this? I'm AFK for the next few days, and
won't have time to deal with it until next week...

 - Hubert

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Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 14:44:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [Xlock-announce] xlockmore-5.04 released

Hi all

I have a few last minute fixes for new computer and pacman updates.
Any ideas you want to see for 5.05?

xlockmore-5.04 as of 15 May 2002, the maintained version of xlock

+ pacman AI update with trackmouse thanks to Edwin de Jong <>
+   C++ fixes, memcpy prefered over bcopy, random start.
* Changed delay on several GL modes.  They were too fast on my GeForce4.
* bounce drawing errors fixed on my nVidia fixed
  ant: fudged the truchet lines a bit more for squares and hexagons.
  molecule needs to be protected from pipes by a  "glDrawBuffer(GL_BACK);"
     thanks to Jouk Jansen.
  molecule needs to be protected from pipes by a  "glDrawBuffer(GL_BACK);"
     thanks to Jouk Jansen.
  Patch from Marcelo Vianna <> to get his modes
    (cage,moebius,morph3d,rubik) working on NVidia under XFree (NVidia
    has a policy to not release code open source and the bug crashes the
    system requiring a hard reset).  Since skewb is similar that was done
    as well by maintainer.
  configure changes for 2.53, added option for .ad installation dir,
     check for xlockrc and pam.
  flag debugged for xpm, do not set byte order for ZPixmap.
    Flag ripples now flow left to right and from bottom to top.
  Combined into
  fontset to use regular (not bold/italic) font/fontset as default,
    fix for sound.c using DEF_PLAY, and a fix for customName
    thanks to Shingo Yamaguchi <>.
  nice changes were causing problems, set_priority used instead thanks
    to Felicia Neff <>. (VMS still uses nice).
  noof mode added from GLUT demos thanks to Dave Riesz <>.
  USE_XPM changed to HAVE_XPM to be compatible with xscreensaver.

 + Updated in last BETA2
 * New since BETA
 /X\  David A. Bagley
(( X
 \X/  xlockmore and more
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