Subject: lintpkgsrc -i has a few issues...
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/15/2002 12:08:31
i tried lintpkgsrc -i on my machine here, and i got a few reports that
irked me.

	Version mismatch: 'ns-flash' 5.0.47 vs 5.0
	Version mismatch: 'pkg_install' 20020402 vs 20020218
	Version mismatch: 'samba' vs 2.2.4,2.0.10

now, clearly i should update my samba.  no big deal.  otoh, my
ns-flash and pkg_install pkgs look fine to me.  i couldn't quite see
why i was getting complaints about them.

i trawled through lintpkgsrc and ended up changing the the "eq" to
"le" on line 605 of lintpkgsrc (revision 1.66).  that made the
ns-flash and pkg_install complaints go away, but also made the samba
one disappear.

anyone got any suggestions?

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