Subject: Re: Compiling Mozilla 1.0.0
To: NetBSD Tech Pkg <>
From: Chris Lloyd <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/30/2002 15:29:44
On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 07:39:34AM -0500, Todd Gruhns Acct wrote:
> ./include/glib/glib-1.2 is non-existant! How/where does one fix that in the
> package ?

I'm not sure where the problem is, but I do have pkg/include/glib/glib-1.2
with glib.h and that other one in it. (NetBSD-1.5.2 with pkgsrc from last week
sometime) So the problem may not be with gdk-pixbuf...

 - Chris