Subject: Misuse of INTERACTIVE pkgs
To: None <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/28/2002 16:03:29
There have several pkgs been marked as INTERACTIVE for sparc64 because
of compiler problems (the compiler hangs when building with default
optiomization). The assumption seems to be, the builder needs to kill
the hanging compiler and retry with -O0 (this single file) and then
continue the build.

This strikes me a very bad idea (TM).

I'd expect

 - a toolchain PR being filed for every such case

and either

 - the pkg been patched to use -O0 for that file right away


 - the pkg to be marked as BROKEN (with an explanation how to work around
   the lossage)

I understand the desire to complete a bulk build with as much pkgs as possible
combined with lack of time or interest to fix it properly. My main interest
is to get as much bugs in the compiler shaken out as possible (not that I
personally ever helped much there) to improve overall useability of the
port *and* ease future pkg related work.

Any cooperation greatly appreciated,