Subject: Re: Move of xemacs.
To: Johnny C. Lam <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/16/2002 18:28:23
(I won't have time this week to fix this but gathering the info was easy

Anywhere listed with an "implied usage" should be checked (obviously folks
seem to mostly agree xemacs wouldn't get this for instance).


audio/snd/Makefile - uses USE_X11BASE explicitly
audio/xmcd/Makefile - implied usage
audio/xmmix/Makefile - implied usage
audio/xmradio/Makefile - implied usage
cad/dinotrace/Makefile - implied usage
cad/electric/Makefile - implied usage
devel/ddd/Makefile - implied usage
editors/nedit/Makefile - implied usage
editors/ted/Makefile - uses USE_X11BASE explicitly
editors/xemacs-current/Makefile - implied usage 
editors/xemacs/Makefile - implied usage 
finance/xinvest/Makefile - implied usage
finance/xquote/Makefile - implied usage
games/imaze/Makefile - uses USE_X11BASE explicitly
graphics/Ngraph/Makefile - implied usage
graphics/dx/Makefile - implied usage
graphics/geomview/Makefile - implied usage
graphics/pixmap/Makefile - implied usage
graphics/tcm/Makefile - implied usage
graphics/xmbdfed/Makefile - implied usage
math/grace/Makefile - implied usage
math/xmgr/Makefile - implied usage
misc/xrolodex/Makefile - implied usage
print/mgv/Makefile - implied usage
sysutils/xps/Makefile - uses USE_X11BASE explicitly
time/catclock/Makefile - implied usage
time/plan/Makefile - implied usage
www/Mosaic/Makefile - uses USE_X11BASE explicitly 
www/amaya/Makefile - implied usage
x11/Xbae/Makefile - implied usage
x11/XmHTML/Makefile - implied usage
x11/kdebase2/Makefile - implied usage (when using KDE2_NSPLUGINS)
x11/xephem/Makefile - implied usage

>On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 01:12:44PM -0400, James Chacon wrote:
>> I asked the same thing back when this happened.
>> The problem is the motif buidlink forces USE_X11BASE which I disagree with.
>From the logs, it looks like USE_MOTIF used to imply USE_X11BASE, so when
> was created to replace USE_MOTIF, it kept the same
>behaviour.  In retrospect, yes, I think this this is wrong.  We should go
>through pkgsrc and find packages that use Motif and see if they need
>USE_X11BASE or not on an individual basis.
>	Cheers,
>	-- Johnny Lam <>