Subject: -Wl,-R issue
To: None <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/13/2002 00:19:17
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Hi all

I'm packaging the program TeXmacs. Everything was working fine until I
set PKG_DEVELOPER to yes (although the program seems to be working fine).
When installing, it fails complaining that libraries won't be able to
find other libs. It suggests adding -Wl,-R... flags in the Makefile, so
everything will work fine.

So, I've added:
LDFLAGS+=3D       -Wl,-R${LOCALBASE}/libexec/${PKGNAME}/lib
Where PKGNAME is TeXmacs-, which matches the installation dir.

The problem is that the compilation does not take care about it. I'm
thinking about the need to patch some files, but as I've been looking at
the compilation log, I've seen something strange.

While some libraries are built I see the following argument passed to
the compiler: -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib. I get impressed about how it's getting
there. I've taken a look to, and I see where this is defined;
it looks completly "normal", so I can't understand why that flag is
beeing used but mine is not.

So what should I do?


Of course it runs NetBSD -
Julio Merino <>

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