Subject: Re: package building questions
To: None <>
From: Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/06/2002 00:05:05
At 22:50 Uhr +0200 5.4.2002, Klaus Heinz wrote:

[Creating a leafnode package]

Since I have just today submitted a package for INN 1.7, let me add a few

>  - I have used /var/spool/news as the spool directory instead of
>    $prefix/var/spool/news, which leafnode suggests if $prefix is used.
>    Does anything else use /var/spool/news and could cause a conflict ?

pkg/bsd.pkg.defaults defines 'INN_DATA_DIR?= /var/news'. Since your package
will conflict with other newsserver packages anyway, it would probably make
sense to generalize this to NEWS_DATA_DIR.

>  - Should I stick to the original location for leafnode's lockfile
>    (/var/lock/news/ with owner news:news), or is it better to put everything
>    in one place (as I did on my machine) and use /var/spool/news/lock/ ?
>    leafnode already uses some directories below /var/spool/news/.

See above - there is prior art in INN storing its data under

>  - How am I supposed to deal with the runtime files and directories
>    leafnode created when the package is removed ?

Again, look at the INN package. It installs all the config files in
share/examples/inn first, and then copies them over to ${INN_DATA_DIR} only
if that does not already exist.

>    And should I try to detect
>    at install time whether a previous deinstallation left anything
>    (e.g. the news spool or the configuration file) behind ?

See above.

>    This also applies to /usr/pkg/etc/leafnode/ where the installation puts
>    config.example and which cannot be removed because the user must create
>    the real config file in this directory.

Have the DEINSTALL script tell the user what to remove manually.

>  - leafnode uses cron to expire old articles and inetd to get started
>    when a program connects to the nntp port.
>    Should I automate these additions/removals to/from inetd.conf
>    and crontab ? Or is a MESSAGE file with instructions more appropriate ?

The latter, I suppose.


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