Subject: Re: update of ocaml and geneweb
To: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/28/2002 15:11:59
I'm in the middle of a bulk build right now. As soon as that completes I'll
take a look here.


>Berndt Josef Wulf wrote
>> G'day,
>> I've uploaded package sources for geneweb-4.06 and ocaml-3.04 to
>> ocaml-3.04 has seen a number of bug fixes, new features and now 
>> integrates the ocamlp4 pretty printer. I didn't submit this package as
>> the old package includes a patch file for support of macppc systems.
>> It would be great if someone with a macppc system would be able to
>> test this package and update the patch file to suite.
>> geneweb-4.06 has seen many bugfixes, improvement of the gwsetup utility
>> and security. geneweb-4.06 depends on ocaml4-3.04 and will be
>> submitted into the tree once ocaml4 is sorted out.
>Failing in getting any replies I will submit the new version with a
>macppc patch applied to the best of my knowledge. I've no way of testing it
>here. Havning said this, I will wait until the end of this easter
>weekend just in case someone is willing to supply a patch that is
>verified to work on this platform.
>cheerio Berndt
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