Subject: Idea for bulk-install
To: None <>
From: de SAINT LEGER Rodolphe <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/27/2002 15:24:26

I've make an mk.conf at home which permits me to use the pkgsrc with the pkgsrc mounted read-only,
I also found a (awfull) trick to make bulk script work with this setup.
It allows me to get rid of the unionfs for pkg builds, and to keep sharing an unmodified pkgsrc tree (I however still have strange panics :) )

Here are my settings from mk.conf

These are for simple pkg operations (no bulk)

DISTDIR=                /exports/netlayers/distfiles
PKGSRCDIR=              /usr/pkgsrc
WRKDIR=                 /exports/netlayers/current/pkgsrc/${PKGPATH}/work.${MACHINE_ARCH}
PACKAGES=               /exports/netlayers/packages/${MACHINE_ARCH}

These are for bulk (without bulk cache)

BATCH=                  yes
DEPENDS_TARGET?=        bulk-install
BROKENFILE=             ${PWD:C/\/[^\/]*/\/../g}${PACKAGES}/.broken.${PKGNAME}.html
BUILDLOG=               ${PWD:C/\/[^\/]*/\/../g}${PACKAGES}/.make.${PKGNAME}

It works well, but thre is only one problem, the main broken file (the one in /usr/pkgsrc) is lost.

What about a new value in with a special reference to this file,
Another idea would be to keep logs in one place with the same pkgsrc directory structure, that was my first idea, but I have to give up because bulk scripts won't make the needed directory before trying to create BUILDLOG

Thanks for sending answers with me in CC as I'm not in the tech-pkg list

Sorry to bother you if you think that this setup is just stupid :)