Subject: Re: New netsaint packages
To: Murray Armfield <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2002 02:15:39
[ On Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 16:01:59 (+1100), Murray Armfield wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: New netsaint packages
> Shouldn't this then be fixed in the apache package? It still uses nobody. 
> There are probably other packages with the same issue, as you may know. They 
> should be fixed, surely?

Yes, I think the default user for Apache should be fixed!  :-)

> What about submitting it?

I haven't actually done anything to www/apache other than change the
default suexec user-id in mk/

< # Default: www
> # Default: wwwsrvr

I think the only other thing is to patch the sample httpd.conf....

Oh, and I guess patch the setting of OWN_DIRS_PERMS, but then that would
require adding APACHE_USER and APACHE_GROUP to mk/

And then there's the creation of the user and group, of course too.  I
gave up on mucking with user & group creation in pkgsrc because every
time I tried it someone either found a new way to do it, or similar, and
so now I have all the possible default users I want in my default
/etc/master.passwd and I keep my /usr/src and /usr/pkgsrc in sync so
that I can build releases and packages that "just work".  :-)

I guess there's now a proper set of command-line tools for creating
users and groups, but in my estimation the work should be done in the
REQUIRE script and unfortunately the pkgsrc maintainers seem to want to
deprecate the REQ[UIRE] script.....

								Greg A. Woods

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