Subject: Re: An idea on font management
To: None <>
From: Rui-Xiang Guo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/17/2002 10:47:03
> The basic idea is to install all fonts under the main font directory,
> (e.g. ${LOCALBASE}/share/fonts), and font user programs (e.g. X,
> Ghostscript, TeX, Acroread, ...) install (link) the fonts into thier
> own domains as symbolic links.

Hi, my idea is:
To control these things in fonts packages.
To use options, something like:
If we just manager our fonts packages (not private fonts), this will
make thing simple.

>  intlfonts    - intlfonts
>  intlfonts-x  - intlfonts for X (symlinks and config for X)

About intlfonts package, I only could use theses fonts under X. :(
This is also true for all TrueType fonts.

About TrueType fonts packages, do we need to consider a common name rule?
It seems we will have more TrueType fonts packages in future.
How about this:
If they are language specific:
<locale name>-<trademark>-ttf-<version>

If we converter these fonts to Type1, then we can use:
<locale name>-<trademark>-type1-<version>

Please comment, thanks. :)