Subject: Re: glpk/py-glpk
To: None <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG>
From: kent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/07/2002 23:02:00
On 7 Mar 2002 17:33:36 GMT, kent wrote:
> I recently used url2pkg to create a package for the glpk (GNU Linear
> Programming Kit). This is simply a library of routines in ansi c.
> I also used swig to create a first order python shared library
> wrapper for glpk with no bells/whistles.
> The std glpk makefile doesn't build a shared library and since I
> use swig to create one that I use with Python, I don't need one
> for glpk. I didn't build a pkg for the python wrapper since I'm
> not sure of the proper way to handle a couple of configuration
> issues, or where to store the swig configuration files, etc.  I
> did use a std Python module to build the shared library
> wrapper and it works for both NetBSD and Solaris.
> If interested, contact me.

Ok, I've been encouraged to submit this. The glpk package is pretty
much ready to submit, but I can't determine how to create the python
wrapper package.

I have three files:

_glpk.i      - the swig configuration file
swig_glpk.h - a modified version of the glpk.h since swig can't
	      correctly parse the stock glpk include file. (Maybe
	      should diff and build from the stock, without changing
	      the stock?)    - the python distutils module for building

I don't need to extract Python, all that is needed is to run
with _glpk.i and swig_glpk.h, but I can't determine how to just do
that in a manner that looks acceptible for the pkg system.

Assistance appreciated,