Subject: Re: Any better master site than this Debian URL?
To: None <>
From: Doug Porter <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/04/2002 22:03:09
Jon Buller <> wrote:
> Anyone know if Debian has a standard place to pull stuff from
> before they shove it into a URL like the one above?

The following URL would probably be a better location to grab it


You'll notice that this is version 0.94.  From what I can tell
the new Debian maintainer of the package has made the changes
from the 0.93 you previously pointed to.  It might be worth
contacting him to see what he thinks about all this...

The other location you could grab the source from is:


That is where the FreeBSD port fetches it from.  It is
undoubtedly less reliable than the Debian site, but it also
appears to be the upstream location and that counts for something.

Doug Porter <>