Subject: Re: Fetch distfile to different local filename
To: None <>
From: Amitai Schlair <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2002 17:00:36
"Amitai Schlair" <> wrote:

> "Frederick Bruckman" <> wrote:
> > How about set just set DIST_SUBDIR to
> "Hubert Feyrer" <> wrote:
> > I think the easy solution is to set DIST_SUBDIR.
> Yep, this seems to work. Thanks!

The plot thickens: there's a manual page available, which can be
downloaded separately.

DISTNAME=       p4
DISTFILES=      p4 p4.1
DIST_SUBDIR=    perforce/${P4_ARCH}

This does exactly what I expect -- downloads the man page into
${DIST_SUBDIR} -- but unlike the binaries, there's only one man page,
and it seems wasteful (and confusing) to have nine distinfo entries for
one file simply because it could wind up in one of nine places.

In addition to the man page, there's a text file, an HTML file, and a
.zip of HTML files that I also want to include in this package. (For the
Perforce server package, there's a man page and another .zip of HTML

I'd prefer not to have to split the documentation into its own package.
Is there a sane way to make this all work?


- Amitai