Subject: An idea on font management
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2002 01:34:35

I have an idea that how we can manage fonts.  This idea is not yet
complete, but not so bad to be shared with you, I think.

The basic idea is to install all fonts under the main font directory,
(e.g. ${LOCALBASE}/share/fonts), and font user programs (e.g. X,
Ghostscript, TeX, Acroread, ...) install (link) the fonts into thier
own domains as symbolic links.

There need some casts.  They can look like

  fonts-common - the main font manager
  fonts-x      - X font manager
  intlfonts    - intlfonts
  intlfonts-x  - intlfonts for X (symlinks and config for X)

The main font package, `fonts-common', owns the main font directory
and provides the Pkgsrc font user interface (pkgfontscfg???), with
which users can view what fonts are available on the system.

`fonts-x' is kind of a driver of configuration scripts.  Or simply a
wrapper of mkfontdir and/or mkttfdir in the case of X.

`intlfonts' has real fonts, and `intlfonts-x' is a set of symlinks
from the real fonts to X font directories.  When `intlfonts-x' is
installed, it doesn't do configuration, but kicks the `fonts-x'

Font file naming for real fonts doesn't matter because fonts looked at
by programs are symlinks and arbitrarily renamed.  So we can think of
an original directory hierarchy for the main font directory.