Subject: Re: stlport installs gcc unconditionally
To: Mario Kemper <>
From: Steven J. Dovich <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/28/2002 17:29:29
> i tried to install openoffice under -current. Openoffice needs
> stlport and this package installs gcc-2.95.3 which is not 
> necessary under -current. As i've read about successfull installs 
> of openoffice under -current i wonder whether there's something
> to configure to prevent this. 

Here is my solution, to be applied to devel/stlport/Makefile:

*** devel/stlport/Makefile.orig	Mon Feb 25 11:16:38 2002
--- devel/stlport/Makefile	Tue Feb 26 14:27:42 2002
*** 10,17 ****
--- 10,22 ----
  COMMENT=	Complete C++ standard library
+ GCC_VERSION!=           ${CC} --version
+ .if ${GCC_VERSION}!="2.95.3"
  DEPENDS+=	{gcc,pgcc}>=${GCC_VERS}:../../lang/gcc
  GCC_VERS=	2.95.3
+ .else 
+ GCC_BINDIR=	/usr/bin
+ .endif
  USE_GMAKE=	# defined
  USE_LIBTOOL=	# defined

With this in place I can almost build misc/openoffice. Despite removal of tcsh
dependencies, the configure step fails if the tcsh package is not there.
Aside from that, there is another build issue which I will look at and
report on in a few hours.