Subject: pkg_delete: unable to change directory to ...
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/21/2002 10:22:01
When trying to install apla, it stopped because I had wrong libaudiofile.

So I did: "pkg_delete libaudiofile-0.1.10" as suggested.

It reported:

 pkg_delete: unable to change directory to /var/db/pkg/gnome-libs-1.2.13!
 deinstall failed

I don't have this gnome-libs directory (and its not installed). I guess I
removed it uncleanly sometime.

So I deleted the gnome-libs line from
/var/db/pkg/libaudiofile-0.1.10/+REQUIRED_BY. But that didn't help -- I
received same error again.

So I had to -f (force) it.

Should pkg_delete just assume it is deleted if no directory for it under
PKG_DBDIR exists?

By the way, I had several of these "already installed", "older
version" problems. Can I do a "reinstall" with "bin-update" targets to do
this automatically? I want to use binaries if available.

   Jeremy C. Reed